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November 10, 2011

Liquidation Channel, still dealing with the effects of the departure of veteran show host Dan Dennis, were told on Monday that Stacy Weaver, another fan favorite, would be leaving the network effective in two weeks. I spoke with Stacy today, and she told me that she is not yet in a position to reveal her next move, but will do so within the next week or so. Stacy and I have been friends from the beginning, and she has been really the only show host that has contacted me on a regular basis to see how I am doing since I left Liquidation Channel myself. She is a great host and an even better person, and anyone that knows her personally like I do, will tell you she has a heart of gold. My life has been better just for knowing Stacy Weaver, and I wish her nothing but the absolute best in life. Her loss will be felt by the network.

October 31, 2011

The Home Shopping Network parted ways recently with long-time viewer favorite Chris Scanlon.
Chris has anchored many prime time slots at the number two shopping channel over the years, and was comfortable in a wide variety of areas, from cosmetics, to jewelry and her specialty, electronics.
We have no additional background information to report here at this time, but I do have a personal comment I would like to make, and that would be to wish Chris, a personal friend of mine for a very long time, nothing but the best in her next venture. She is a multi-talented show host, who will undoubtedly be back on tha air again quite soon.

JCK Email Newsletter, September 26, 2011

The price of gold experienced its biggest three-day plunge in decades,
sinking below $1,600 an ounce, more than 15 percent lower than the record
levels it hit earlier in September.

At press time on Sept. 26, the metal was trading at $1,599 an ounce.

The drop comes less than three weeks after the metal hit a new record of $1,920. At one point in overnight trading on Sept. 26, the metal’s spot price sank to $1,535.

Analysts called the decline a reaction to the belief that it had been “over-bought” and the market is seeing a “gold bubble.”

Even so, the price of gold has logged impressive gains this year. It remains up more than 10 percent since Jan. 1. The gold price increased 29 percent in 2010.

The price of gold first hit $1,600 in July.

The price of silver also plunged. It hit $29.80 on Sept. 26, basically erasing its gains for the year

Monday, September 26, 2011
It makes me quite happy, and relieved to say that our iminent danger of fire breakout of this past weekend ended with just one small fire that is now totally under control. Let's hope we never have to go through all of that all over again. Now if we could just do something about this it is end of Sepetmber and yesterday, it was 105 degrees. Today it will hit 102.

Monday, September 12, 2011
Today we can say that all of the fires, except for the big one in Bastrop, are either under full control, or are out. Meanwhile, in Bastrop, the fire is now "50/50" but still wreaking havoc everywhere. This record-breaking fire, which at its' peak was 20 miles wide, has claimed nearly 2,000 homes and burned 35,000 acres of land. Two deaths are associated with this fire, and seven or eight people have been reported as missing. Let's hope they are all found safe and sound.

New worries arrived with the continuation of the worst drought in history, and the record-breaking heat again. The winds have arrived too, and those conditions will be here for the balance of the week. A record-setting tempreture of 104 degrees brought the peace and calm of 5 days in the low to mid 90's to an end, and experts predict another 4 or 5 days of records are in line to be broken this week along. Meanwhile the area remains without a single drop of water now for over two and a half months. All it will take is one or two careless people and.....

Sunday, September 4, 2011
Tonight's news was over an hour long, instead of its' usual 30 minute format, and all it dealt with was
the wildfires raging all over our viewing area. As I write this tonight, no less than 7 fires are burning in our area, the worst of which is in Bastrop, where a fire has already consumed more than 14,000 acres and over 300 homes. Over 3,000 people have been evacuated, and it is so hot that the firefighters can't get close enough to it to fight it. The blaze, which is said to be a mind-boggling 16 miles wide and 6 miles deep, is moving so fast, about all they can do is try and prevent more homes from being destroyed.

There is another huge fire burning in North Austin, in a high-end subdivision called Steiner Ranch. Over 3,000 people have been evacuated there too, and over 100 very expensive homes have been lost so far. That fire is said to be so hot, is moving so fast, that they have no idea how many acres have been lost. It to is totally out of control as we speak.

Next up Pflugerville, where Linda and I live. This fire has been burning since late this afternoon, and although it is not as big as the other two fires, it has done its' share of damage to the area, claiming about 50 homes and 400 acres of land. It is currently about 40% contained. Although it is at least 5 miles from where we live, when the winds pick up, it is close enough that we can smell the smoke, which is close enough for us. We are not in any danger, although we are always on guard. You have to be, around here, right now.

New to the list is Dripping Springs. This area was minding its' own business, until a fire which had already claimed 30 homes in a neighboring county, decided to jump over a dried-up creek, and into another county entirely. It is also moving fast, and since this has happened just tonight, there is no telling how many homes will be claimed, nor when this one will be contained.

Smaller fires that are still burning from earlier today include one in Cedar Park, a highly populated area which got lucky and did not have significant loss, and yes, another fire in Pflugerville, which was earlier today, that is now under control. Both of these fires claimed less than 5 homes each, and each claimed about 50 acres of land.

The 7th one I believe, is burning in a remote area of Bastrop county, not near the other one. Not much else is known about it yet, other than it is in a far reaching part of the county.

The combination of a very windy day, constant winds of 20-30 mph, with gusts of up to 50 mph with the worst drought ever in our history, make for a perfect tinderbox. All it takes is one careless person, and the fire has plenty of dry brush, trees and grasses, with lots of wind to blow it all over the place.

I would like to say that Monday will be a better day for all of us, but the truth of the matter is, according to the National Weather Service, we can expect even higher wind conditions tomorrow throughout the area. No rain in sight.

Good God. When is this going to end?

Saturday, August 20th 2011
A new shopping channel has emerged on TV.
The "World of Watches TV" channel is seen on DirecTV Ch. 227
from 5 - 8pm Central Standard Time. I don't have any other information about their channels of distribution, nor air time as of this writing. The hosts that were on the air were Charla Rines former host at ShopNBC and a male host whose name I did not catch, nor recognize from any network I know. I got the feeling from watching the few minutes that I did, that he might even be the person running the operation.
MY TAKE: Getting Charla was a brilliant aquisition for this new network, although her ability far outdistances his. I suppose it isn't bad, if watches are your thing. I like the fact that just about every item I saw had "STRESS FREE PAYMENTS" on it, and when I was watching at least, most of the watches were quite reasonably priced. Personally, I believe that any one-item format like that will ever be a total success, although they could carve out a name for themselves in limited fashion, like the knife channels somehow have managed do, although I'll never be able to understand how. One thing I know for sure, "World of Watches TV" is going after the ShopNBC watch business, that's pretty obvious. Good luck with that.

Saturday, August 20th, 2011
I recently learned from a very reliable source,
one of POSH TV's vendors, and a good friend of mine, that POSH has in fact ceased operating. Hopes of securing one last investor apparently did not go the way they hoped it would and that was their last opportunity for survival.
Although their impact on the video retailing industry was small, it is never a good day when we lose one of our own. I have been where they are right now, and it is no fun. I wish everyone involved in that venture nothing but the best in the future, and hope for a quick recovery. I invite everyone to join me in adding them to your prayer list tonight.

The POSH TV Shopping Network which broadcast
from the facility formerly occupied by GemsTV, has ceased operations. If you visit their website, they speak of some form of "restruction" which makes it sound like they are actually in the process of doing some high def changes to their operations. However, my sources tell me different.
What I have learned is that like any other company that is facing financial problems, they were seeking investors with the hopes of keeping the network going. Unfortunately, they were, for the most part, unsuccessful. However, I learned that they still have one more investor (or investors, perhaps a group, I don't know that for sure) that is still in the picture. If they are succesful, they will survive. If not, they will shut down, just as GemsTV, the former occupants of the same building did, a couple of years back. I don't know about you, but personally, the last thing I would ever do is put another channel in that building.

I hope with every fabric of my being that this is a temporary situation and that POSH TV does return to the air, and soon. I am not ashamed to admit I said a prayer for them before I went to bed last night. Anybody worth anything in this business should feel the same. I have some dear friends that I have worked with before working at POSH, and it would not make me happy if they all were unemployed like I am as I write this piece. Friends or no friends, it should not matter. 
It is never a good thing, when we lose one of our own.

Sudden move takes everyone by surprise.

I wish things would have worked out differently for me at the network, and I will always remember the many good times I shared while I was there. I have many friends at LC that I regret leaving behind. It is out of deep respect for them and for the network in general that I choose not to comment any further on this situation at this time. 

I would like to wish first and formost al of my family at the Liquidation Channel and STS nothing but continued success and happiness in the future. The network is sound, and it will continue to prosper and grow. I will personally miss all of you that have touched my life during these past four years.

I would also like to thank all of my viewers for all the support that you have given to me throughout my twenty six years in this business. There would be no "Dan Dennis" if it were not for all of you. That is something that I have never forgotten and never will.


It is a little too early yet to announce where we go from here. I will promise you one thing for sure: there will always be a way of keeping in touch with me, and you are here right now:

If you have not registered for my newsletter, please take the time to do so. As of now, it is the only way to keep in touch, ane let you know what is going on with me.


Besides everything you have read about on the home page, my gem book in book form is my next target. It will undergo a complete makeover, and may never be sold again under it's current title "
Gems: A Lively Guide for the Casual Collector."

At first, it looked like it would be an easy go, but the format I have from my publisher and the formats they use today are nothing alike, and it appears to be far too costly for me to go through everything we need to do in order to make it work. However, this was just one publisher's opinion and I am not totally giving up on the project yet.

Hopefully, I will have a book available by the holidays, in some sort or another, but don't totally quote me on that.

Right now, I have no less than eight different options that are open to me, and some can be combined with others. In fact, most can be combined with others. Where we are going to end up next, only the good Lord can say.

Since 2005 we have moved from Florida to Minnesota, from Minnesota to Knoxville, TN, from Knoxville, TN to South Florida, from South Florida to Texas, and now from Texas to who knows where......

I told Linda before we got married that I knew she was used to the old "9 to 5" routine, but if she was going to marry me, that she was buying into another whole deal. I don't think she ever thought it would ever get this crazy, but then again consider who she is married to. It comes with the territory.

Hard as it is to believe, this nut case journey that passes for my life, is about to take off again.

This one always made me feel like it was written for me, by a man I always loved dearly, who died way before his time:

     "There's no straight lines make up my life and all my roads have bends,
         There's no clear-cut beginnings, and so far, no dead ends."
                                                                                              Harry Chapin, "Circles"


I had always held to the belief that we were not alone in this universe. On Saturday night, February 5, 2011, I now know that I am right. Everything you are about to read is 100% true.

This is not a scam, nor a joke.


It was just after midnight, so I guess I could have said technically Sunday morning February 6, but since I was still up it was part of Saturday night, you all know how that goes. At any rate, I had just come downstairs to get ready for bed, and was just about to get in bed, when Linda came into the bedroom and said “I want you to take a look at something.” I figured it was something on the TV, but boy was I wrong. She led me to a window, a large one in our formal dining room that has a clear view of the stars and the big Texas sky in the evening. She pointed to what appeared to be a star, although it appeared to be blinking and was much brighter than the rest, and said “I always take a few minutes to look at the stars before bed. I want you to look at this star, and tell me what you see. I have been watching it now for about ten minutes, and unless I am going crazy, this is no ordinary star. It is moving, in all sorts of directions.” So we shut all the lights off so we could get a good view, and we watched this “star” for about a half an hour, and as we did, whatever this thing was, I can tell you, it was not a star, but some sort of self-propelled something. You had to be patient, because it would do nothing for maybe 5-8 minutes at a time, then all at once it would shoot straight up, then take a sharp turn either left or right. Sometimes, it would move, almost in a big circle, and end up right back where it was before. It had worked it’s way up in the sky to a point where we needed to move almost up next to the window to see it now, rather than to see it from about five feet from the window. It seemed the longer we watched, the more it began to move. When it moved upward, it almost resembled a rocket, except I have never heard of a rocket stopping, turning around, or coming back down again. Eventually, it began to move higher and higher, and we began to wonder if it was getting ready to leave. I told Linda we needed to have somebody witness this thing, so I called our local news network TV 24 KVUE, and unfortunately, at 1:30am on Saturday night/Sunday morning, they had no one to send out. I tried shooting it with my camcorder, but it was too far away for my $199 special to pick up. I called our newspaper (the Austin Statesman American), and left a message, which I now realize was stupid, because they will most likely get it on Monday. Finally, I decided to call the Pflugerville police department. They sent over two policemen to the house, and eventually, even their sergeant showed up as well. (Slow night for crime in Pflugerville, I guess.)


At any rate, when the policemen first arrived, nothing was going on, and they were quite cynical, one guy in particular. Then, all of a sudden, while we were all watching at the same time, the “star” suddenly shot up and to the right quickly and dramatically. We all saw it as plain as day. It stayed there for just seconds, before suddenly reversing itself and shooting across the sky to the left. The guy who had been the most cynical said “Holy sh**! You guys are really telling the truth.” No one could really explain it, although the sergeant pushed the satellite theory a bit, (like a satellite would actually move like that) and they finally left after watching it move around with us for about another 15 minutes. We do know one thing for sure: it was no star. The stars move as the earth rotates, and this thing, whatever it was, and wherever it came from, stayed basically in the same area all night. The coolest times were when it would appear to “hover.”


I watched for a little while longer before going to bed, and Linda went back to our media room to watch a little more TV. I asked her how long she stayed up and she said about an hour, and that when she came down to check on the “star” it was gone. Apparently it had seen enough, and left.


Pflugerville is all farmland, very flat and pretty remote, particularly on the outer reaches. It is easy to see why something like this could happen out here, because of those reasons. I would seriously doubt you would see this hovering over downtown Austin.


The TV news guys said that if it showed up again tonight that they would send a crew up to shoot it. Unfortunately, it is overcast and we cannot see any stars at all tonight.


We swear all of this is true, and was witnessed by three Pflugerville policemen as well. Don’t wait for a joke or punch line here, because there is none. I can’t tell you how cool it was to watch this thing up there, and know that something up there was checking us out at the same time. Like I always thought: we are not alone.


Very, very cool. I hope it comes back again soon

Dan and Linda Dennis




I'm back on the air on Wednesday, September 29th.

Although I'm not anywhere near 100%, I was finally able to convince my doctors to let me come back to work. My arm doesn't reach the steering wheel yet, so Linda has to drive me everywhere I need to go. Since I am married to an angel, she never complains about anything. That is why my entire world revolves around her. I also cannot type yet because my shoulder hates this position as well. In case you are wondering, I am typing this in small segments during the course of an entire day. I now have over 1700 emails between the web site and my Facebook page, and another 2,000 + at work waiting for me to answer. I am determined to answer them all, although that is going to have to wait until I can get a little stronger.

I slipped and fell on my back and shoulder on the tile floor in the bathroom a couple of nights ago and my shoulder is now making a clicking sound it never made before. I'm getting it checked out on Monday, but I don't think anything is broken. I've always been involved in athletics, and I've broken stuff before, and this just doesn't seem like it is broken, but I definitely could do without the extra pain. Kind of stupid of me, but hey, you're talking to a guy who broke his arm in two places a few years ago falling out of bed. Ouch!

Please be with me on Wednesday, Sept. 29th. It is our big customer pick day, where we will be bringing back all of your favorite items. I am having bracelets from 9am - 12 noon and 2-4pm was given my choice, and I have chosen the Fire Opal, October's birthstone, for the afternoon. I have always loved the stone, and one time going back a bit, I used to do a Fire Opal show daily from 6pm - 7pm. I promise that both shows will be worth waiting for.



Big News!


So you'd think at this point I'd be pretty much set to go. Physical therapy, home physical therapy, and every few weeks, a shot of steroids into the shoulder, and eventually I'd get better, right? Well, not exactly. One morning, about a week or two removed from the hospital, and my entire face was swollen up on the left side. So off to the dentist I go. The dentist takes a look and says "Oh, Mr. Dennis, this is beyond my expertise. I'll have to send you to an oral surgeon." I said "Of course you are. Why should it be something as simple as a cavity or even just a simple extraction, when I can go to an oral surgeon for even more misery." After we left, I told my wife "Linda, I have two legs that don't work, a shoulder and arm that don't move, I'm now wearing a mask so I can sleep at night, and now I have to have oral surgery. I don't have to worry about going to hell when I die, because I'm living in hell right now." So three stitches, fifteen days and lots of pain later, it finally went away. Oh, and did I forget to mention the special acid based compound mouthwash that I had to buy that cost me $69.99 at the drug store? No? I didn't want to leave anything out.
The surgery itself went off pretty much as planned, although it took nearly 4 hours in the recovery room for them to get my pain level under control. Today, I am living on the highest strength of hydrocodone available, which is double the strength I had for last year's shoulder surgery. I would like to say everything went off without a hitch, but the truth is that I was in the hospital for 4 days, home for just 24 hours, and back in the hospital again for 6 more days after just getting home. I was experiencing this pain and pressure in my chest, and what it turned out to be was water in my lungs. The first night I was there, I stopped breathing during the night, freaking everyone out but me. This set off all kinds of heart tests, but was later on diagnosed as sleep apnea, and a very bad case at that. More on that later.  So after going through final and conclusive heart tests in which they finally reversed their diagnosis and said there was nothing wrong with my heart after all, I felt pretty good, until I got back to my room. My nurse was waiting with this rather large bag of IV fluid which I learned I needed to get quickly, because they found an infection in my blood. So, as you can imagine, there have been many good reasons why I have not posted any information until now. It is 3am, and the shoulder still has not let up for sleep. It does not like the typing position so writing this will be the last thing I do for awhile. As for my return to the network goes, I have a doctor's appointment on August 4th, but there is no way I will be ready to go back by then. Although I was hoping to return in mid-August, that date is looking less likely thanks to the other setbacks and unforseen complications.

I know many of you have written to me and wished me well, and from the bottom of my heart I thank you all. Continue to write if you wish, because I do every once and awhile get on the internet and read the emails I get, even if typing is not a good thing for me to do right now. You guys are amazing.

God Bless you all.


Dan Dennis


In a move that was totally unexpected by virtually everyone, Austin-based Liquidation Channel moved into virtually every major market that the now closed GemsTV Shopping Channel once had occupied. Indeed, the very next day that former GemsTV viewers went to see what was on their channel, the first thing they saw was a friendly, happy host from our channel. We have made major inroads into some of the largest markets in our fair land.

Here is the list of cities that Liquidation Channel is now available in on cable. Basically, if you live in or around the area, and you used to get GemsTV, there is a good chance you now can view our network, Liquidation Channel.

Here are the cities:

New York City: Time Warner Ch. 94 (3am-8pm)

Washington, D.C.: RCN Cable Ch. 189

Boston, MA: RCN Cable Ch. 189

Chicago, IL: Comcast Ch. 110 (12 noon - 6pm)

Denver, CO: Comcast Ch. 55

Seattle, WA: Comcast Ch. 79 (Mon - Fri)

San Francisco, CA: Comcast Ch. 168 (preempted 3am - 7am)

Sacramento, CA: Comcast Ch. 185/168

Irvine, CA: Cox Cable Ch. 112

San Diego, CA: Cox Cable Ch. 358

Scottsdale, AZ: Cox Cable of Arizona Ch. 7

Las Vegas, NV: Cox Cable Ch. 449

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX: Time Warner Ch. 18/55

Austin, TX: Time Warner Ch. 277

Houston, TX: Comcast Ch. 17

South Florida: Comcast Ch. 75/578

Hampton Roads, VA: Cox Cable Ch. 121

Northern Virginia: Cox Cable Ch. 159

*Note: All networks on 24/7 unless otherwise indicated


In a move that caught everyone except the top brass at GemsTV/UK totally unaware, GemsTV USA announced that they have closed their channel in Reno on April 15, 2010. According to reports as of this writing, there have been no mention of on-air talent moving to any other networks. If any do turn up at other places, we here at will do our very best to keep you informed. The departure of GemsTV from the industry leaves just Jewelry Television and Liquidation Channel as the only two large all-jewelry shopping channels on the air today.

My personal comments on this situation with GemsTV:

There certainly existed over the past three years a healthy aire of spirited competition between GemsTV and our network, be it The Jewelry Channel, or Liquidation Channel. However, it is never a good day when we lose one of our own. Viewers start to have doubt in the industry, no matter how ill-founded they may be. Others may vow to never buy from anyone else ever again but GemsTV, and in both of these instances, everyone, even the consumer, loses. On a personal side, I have many friends that worked at GemsTV and they find themselves now out of work in a very small industry, with one less option to go. None of these things make me happy, in even the slightest manner. I wish all the good people at GemsTV nothing but the best.


Colored Stone, an industry standard of excellence for decades, suddenly ceased operations this past December. Considering that others had gone before it, and how small the publication had become both in size and circulation, I for one cannot say I was shocked by any of this. What did surprise me was how quickly it was done. They merely sent me an issue, said it was the last one, and that any remaining issues would be filled with its' other related publication, Lapidary Journal. This did not sit well with me, for I used to subscribe to LJ, but dropped it as it became more and more dedicated to Lapidarians. Colored Stone became the second major jewelry publication to falter this in less than twelve months.


Modern Jeweler Magazine, a flashy publication that has been keeping jewelery lovers in the know since 1901, has suspended operations. The reason supplied was because of the world wide effect the global economy has had on the gem and jewelry industry as a whole, and the effect it has had on sales over the past few years. Modern Jeweler featured beautiful, flashy colored photos and I for one will miss it. Hopefully, new investors will be found, and the publication will be saved.

More Big News!

I am curently negotiating a publishing deal for "Book Two" with a book publisher that is located right here in Austin. If things go well, I should have the proposal in my hands soon, and this could lead to the opportunity I have been waiting for to go full speed ahead with the project.

So all of you who have "Gems" that have been asking about the second book, it is getting closer and closer to being a reality.

Also: I am in the process of getting "Gems" put up on the internet as an Ebook.

More information on both of these projects as we go forward.

Dan Dennis Dot Com: We're not just about gemstones anymore.

News update about my recent surgery:

As many of you know, last June I had the shoulder surgery from hell. It is continuing to be a problem even to this day. Most of the things that needed to be repaired (labrum muscle tear, torn rotator cuff, and broken collar bone) in the 4 1/2 hour procedure have turned out fine. Unfortunately, there is one thing that continues to be a problem: the shoulder has once again frozen into the socket, and mobility is limited. I actually had this repaired as well, but thanks to a physical therapist that apparently was clueless in the beginning, the lack of proper attention to it has caused it to bind up again.

I have been working at getting it loose feverishly with my current physical therapy team since September of last year, so far without success. The agreement that I have with my doctor is that if the arm is not free of the socket by June (it will be one year on June 4th since the surgery) I am afraid that the only other option will be to undergo more painful surgery in an area that is already admittedly quite painful going in.

Keep me in your prayers. I can really do without the additional surgery, believe me. I can also do without the additional hospital bills.


More News!

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